A Real Difference Maker ~ Personal Growth & Our Success!

A Real Difference Maker ~ Personal Growth & Our Success!

Last week I published a lengthy list of qualities psychologist Abraham Maslow defined as those specifically belonging to folks he believed to be self-actualizing. If the list of attributes is correct; self-actualizers make a real difference in the lives of others (as well as themselves) and achieve the level of success each desires. A life committed to personal growth = personal and professional success!

It occurs to me that to model ourselves in some manner after self-actualizing folks and the qualities Maslow ascribes to them might have the same positive impact on our success as well. TWEET THIS

How does personal growth and development positively impact my life? How does it make a difference in the lives of others as well? And if indeed it does; what’s the benefit to all?

Let’s look at just a few of the qualities Maslow identifies as those possessed by self-actualizing folks; then apply them to ourselves and imagine how they make a real difference that leads to the success we identify for ourselves:

Personal Growth Qualities that Make A Difference & Lead to Life Success!

1. Self-sufficiency as in autonomy, independence, and self-determination. It’s critically important for us to be the captain of our own ship. Once we can make decisions for ourselves with a strong sense of confidence, even in the face of opposition from others; we gain all important independence from the need to please others. This is not to say we don’t seek wise counsel or weigh the opinion of those in whom we trust; but that in the end, we can confidently rely on our own ability to make the best decision for self – and others in our care!

2. Wholeness as in unity, integration, interconnectedness, synergy. Remember the old saying, she’s got it all together? That’s what I think of when I encounter the word “wholeness”. Having a sense of being connected to my inner self as well as the outer “me”. A synergistic relationship between the me that lives in my skin others don’t see with that which others do see and experience! I call it “integrity”. What you see is what you get. Self-honesty that draws others to me because they experience me as real!

3. Truth as in honesty, reality, beauty, pure, clean and unadulterated completeness. There’s something refreshing about a woman who is “real”. A sense of purity and spiritual cleanliness. An honesty with self and others that leaves me feeling I’ve been in the presence of a person who is complete and whole within herself. I walk away refreshed, renewed and invigorated by her truth!  

4. Goodness as in rightness, desirability, uprightness, benevolence, honesty. Notice the strong connection between goodness and truth as stated by Maslow. There’s a goodness about a woman who is honest about self and truthful with others. She is open and honest in her dealings with the world because she accepts her ability to be honest, caring and considerate. She has learned there is nothing to fear from open honest considerate care for others – even in a world that is anything but the same. Using a spiritual metaphor, being in her presence is much like being hidden in the palm of a safe hand from a world ready to devour and destroy! Her goodness is a safe place to be!

Four of 17 qualities Maslow uses to describe the self-actualized person. I chose them because they represent the qualities we as women in business most want to cultivate. Cultivate because they are most apt to bring us the success we define for ourselves. The serious determined pursuit of these qualities, in fact pursuit of all 17, will benefit me and those who, throughout life, come into my sphere of influence.

These four qualities are the groundbreaking foundation of all that makes life meaningful and significant. TWEET THIS 

From a business perspective, they are also the qualities that are most likely to draw others into our lives and sphere of influence. As we impact them in positive ways, we are positively impacted as well. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship leading to mutual success.

The relationship between actualizing individuals has its own symbiosis and fluidity that makes engagement with others a dance of equals who respect each other’s unique differences while celebrating that which is uniquely the same! TWEET THIS 

So in plain English, what does this mean for me as a Christian woman in business in the 21st Century?

Quite simply, it means that by seriously pursuing individual personal development much like that which Maslow describes, I am more likely to fulfill the destiny for which I have been designed. And in so doing, I most likely will fulfill my desired level of success as well. 

Not only that, but I will enrich the lives of others in ways that guarantees mutuality in all life areas; including what each of us would call a “successful life”!

Ultimately, of course, the decision to grow is ours to make. But if we truly desire to achieve the level of success we’ve determined for ourselves. . . we’ll put on our running shoes and sprint in the direction of personal growth and development!



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