"A Heavy Heart, Faith & The Promise!" ~ Women's Sunday Series

Recently I came home from an important meeting with a heavy heart. I felt on the verge of tears; but they wouldn’t come. Not only was my heart heavy with tears that wouldn’t flow; I felt a sense of anger beneath the heaviness that could find no appropriate place for expression. Nor could I put my finger on the “why” of the heaviness. I had some inkling of the source of the anger; but an inkling is far from appropriate expression and resolution.Oh Ye of Little Faith 11 21 2015

What I did have was a verse from the Bible that held some hope of explanation for both the heavy heart and the seeping anger. “Oh you of little faith!”  

I didn’t think it was me that was lacking in faith; yet I couldn’t be sure. Perhaps I too was giving into expressions of “well we know this won’t work” or “in a perfect world. . . .” Or equally, did my facial expressions reflected back to others betray an other-than-faith-attitude? Did my body stance say to others “well I’m really not interested. . . “

Two places in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus mentions “you of little faith”. One occasion is to those gathered to hear what we now call the “Sermon on the Mount”. The other is when He’s awakened by the fearful disciples begging Him to save them from a raging storm on the Sea of Galilee. Both times He addresses their lack of human faith in the ability of the Lord and His Father (our Father) to take care of them. In the tomorrow as well as in the moment!

Here’s some things I’ve learned about faith; and the exercise thereof!

  1. The exercise of faith is much easier for us humans when the promises of PAPA are afar off. The closer we get to the outcome of said promises; the more difficult it is to be folks of strong faith.
  2. And the closer we get to the fruition of those same promises; the more obstacles, challenges, disruptions, interruptions and just plain “junk” we’ll encounter! After all there’s a certain spiritual personage that doesn’t want those promises to materialize.
  3. Small faith (less than the size of a grain of mustard seed) and/or weak faith has the uncanny habit of enticing us to make faulty interpretations of reality. Such as letting ourselves be deceived into questioning whether PAPA really made such a promise. Questioning can give way to doubt. Then doubt convinces us that we were mistaken about the promise. And before you know it – at nearly the very moment the promise is about to materialize, we’ve turned our back on it. 
  4. Then there are those who never bought into the promise in the first place. Maybe they said they did for whatever reason; but in reality they didn’t. In fact, such persons may not realize they didn’t buy into the promise until the going gets tough (the right-before-the-promise-is-to-materialize moment). Such folks want the promise to include an easy road to the outcome. And that’s simply never the case. . . 
  5. Those folks must go. When PAPA gives us a mandate, dream, vision, mission – a course of action for our lives; we must pursue it at all costs. We must be mature in our faith even when it ebbs and flows. Folks who don’t buy into the promise 100% will sap our energy, degrade our human faith with their lack of commitment to seeing the promise through to the end, and become the source of many heavy hearts as we continue our path to the goal!

The journey to mature human faith is strewn with many obstacles and detours. It involves situations, circumstances and people. Just when we think our faith is the size of an oak tree, we discover it’s barely more than the mustard seed with which we started.

And when we are close to the fulfillment of our destiny, the choices we make get trickier, while the voice of the Lord grows eerily silent. Heavy heart times may well increase and tears so close to the surface will fail to fall. 

But if the skies were clear and our vision not obscured; it wouldn’t be faith in which we walk. Maturity is coming to know that to keep on walking – with or without a heavy heart – is the substance and essence of faith. Human – and divine. . .



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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