A Change of Seasons. . .

A Change of Seasons. . .

It’s really not a change of season as much as a change of mood and focus.

I speak of having taken the month of July off from blogging. It would be great to report that the time off was consumed by a vacation at the beach, long sauntering walks on the sand and long slow drinks on the veranda.

But such was not the case. Instead my time away was consumed with local projects that demanded more time than I cared to give, yet duty called and I’m loath to say “no”!

The Value of A Change of Mood & Focus!

Whether a vacation from the usual and customary or simply a change from one’s usual and customary to something a bit different in focus and scope; the change is good for us. In fact, most folks will tell us a change of routine on a regular basis is the essence of good health. Physical, mental and emotional health!

For me, it was not a matter of refreshment, but giving vent to my love of cutting the whole cloth into manageable pieces that can be fit together with considerable intricacy and skill. In a word; it amounts to strategizing! I love to engage in developing a workable strategy that has more than a modicum of success. I love the research it takes to get the strategy ball rolling and then watch it take shape and form. It is that aspect of who I am that called me from the usual and customary weekly blogging I swore I would not desert come h_ _ _ or high water! 

So as the headline says, “what is the value of a change of mood and focus”? 

Professionals tell us that changing our focus from time to time will help us change a negative mood to a more positive one. And feeling mentally positive about ourselves – life in general – has healing properties for body, mind and soul. Something as simple as stepping outside (literally) when confounded by a vexing problem lifts the stress we feel when answers don’t come readily and in timely manner.

I personally know the value of such wisdom. When I’m trying to set up a series of events that are exceedingly time sensitive and I don’t get the answers from others I need to pursue the next step in the process; I get very agitated. It happened this week. The agitation began to rise and knots in my stomach took shape; but I made a conscious choice to turn my attention elsewhere while waiting to hear from the folks with the info I needed. I literally physically turned and walked away in order to focus attention elsewhere. 

I made the decision that if the timing isn’t perfect, it isn’t of the Lord. Otherwise, the timing will be perfect even though it doesn’t come when I think it should! There’s something factual about the old adage “a watched pot doesn’t boil”! 

If It Doesn’t Change. . . We Change!

I can only assume that a change of mood and focus is similar for all of us humans. The variations may vary depending on gender, age, demographics and upbringing; but human nature is just that. . . human!

Being forced to change for whatever reason can be the mechanism Papa God uses to shape and form us as the sanctification process continues through life. It is the perfect vehicle to move us from one comfort zone to the next – from one valley to the next when we prefer mountaintop living!

The change of season, mood and focus of which I speak in the above paragraph forced me to make decisions I would never have made had the change not come about in the first place. In other words, if the situation doesn’t change; then we are forced into changing how we act or react to the situation. And oh so often, the decisions we make are far superior to those we would make otherwise. 

Change forces us to dig deep into the well of forgotten skills and abilities, and discover that which we are more than capable of thinking, doing and being!

That, and that alone is worth its weight in gold!

So What’s Next?

Well what’s next is that I’m back from the change of mood and focus; returning to weekly blogging. May sound a bit dull; but it’s prep time for a relaunch of AWI online. So while weekly blogging is one part of the relaunch of community as community is meant to be; it is not all there is.

And the fact that something not being “all there is” is a good thing. It follows that the usual and customary would become very dull indeed if it were the all there is. And it would be dull indeed if it were not for those times when life diverts our attention and changes the seasons of our lives.

So what’s next is next week’s blog post along with whatever else is on the agenda for the online relaunch of an exceptional community opportunity for Christian women in business around the world.

And I make no excuse for the not so subtle plug for upcoming changes of seasons for us who love coming together to support each other through life’s seasons of change . . . be it in mood, focus or otherwise!



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